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There are a number of ways to connect an RV to power, but when you need a 50 amp outlet, you want the best 50 amp RV cord you can get. Cheap, shoddy cables can short circuit, spark, and fray over time, but invest in themreliable virtual reality equipmenthow extension cords protect you and your RV.

RV Power Systems

Most RVs get their power from two different sources. Its batteries are connected to a 12 volt system that takes over when it is not connected to shore power. The 120 volt system requires electricity, which is supplied via a power cord. It's a more powerful system, powering things like the air conditioner and refrigerator.

While your RV may run out of its own battery for a short time, you'll need to plug it into mains power regularly to charge those batteries or power your larger devices.

Your best-performing RV electrical system starts and ends with a reliable power cord. When your cable wears out, you have to buy a new one. Not only is it safer, but it also helps you use your electricity more efficiently.

I'll explain why it's important to understand the differences between cable types, and then we'll see which cable is best for you.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (3)

RV Power Cord

The RV power cord connects to the outer cover and breaker panel. Contains three internal cables in a rubber or PVC casing. It may sound cheap, but these materials have been proven to stop the flow of electricity and keep you safe. There is no better option out there.

However, the internal life of the cable is highly dependent on higher quality materials. 100% copper is the most efficient. It offers faster current flow and charging times, but is also safer during power surges.

Copper is better equipped for higher voltage ranges and also lasts longer than other materials.

power cord

Although they may look the same, there is a big difference between a power cord you buy at the hardware store and a power cord made specifically for an RV. A standard power cord won't work when trying to power your house on wheels.

A standard cord can carry 120 volts, which is perfect for household electric ranges and dryers. But your RV needs at least 125 volts, if not 250 volts. Also, RV power cables have different connectors at the end. They do not fit into a normal plug.

Not only is it dangerous to plug your trailer into a standard electrical outlet, these cords rarely exceed 10 feet, which isn't long enough if you're camping in more rural areas.

Note that the end of the power cord may look like an RV cord, but the internal components are built differently and must withstand more stress.

RV Extension Cord

They look similar, but there's an easy way to tell the difference. An RV power cord plugs directly into your RV, while an RV extension cord is designed to provide more length. The male and female connections indicate that the extension cord should be connected to the end of the power cord and routed to the power source.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (4)

Your power cord has one end that plugs directly into your RV, while the other end plugs into an extension cord or power source.

Types of RV Power Cords

There are four main types of RV power cords, but not all of them will work for you. If you're reading this, you probably need a 50 amp cord instead of a 30 amp cord, but you may still need some sort of adapter to make it work.

30 amp plug

These cables have a triangular three-pronged male end. work with30 amp systemsand will not power an RV equipped for 50 amps. While you can get it to work with the use of an adapter, it won't provide enough power for larger devices.

They are typically used for smaller RVs and are typically cheaper than 50 amp cords.

50 amp plug

These plugs have four diamond-shaped prongs. They are for RVs over 30 feet and have the ability to deliver more power. They are useful if your RV has more than one air conditioner or larger household refrigerators.

These cables are more expensive than 30-amp cables because they can deliver more than three times the power of 30-amp cable and have thicker jackets with copper wiring.

Again, you can use a 50 amp cord with a 30 amp device, but you'll need an adapter to do so.

dog bone adapter

This adapter comes into play when you need to connect a 30 amp cord to a 50 amp device and vice versa. They are typically between 1 and 6 feet long and convert one type of energy to another. They protect your 30 amp RV from too much current and keep your 50 amp RV from eating the box if you crank too hard one at a time.

Despite the protections in place, there is a higher risk of power surges or electrocution, so this is not a product you are looking to save money on. Luckily, they are not that expensive anyway.

hockey puck adapter

They do the same thing as the dog bone adapters, but are small units with no wires. They give you just a few extra inches and can go from 30 to 50 amps or 50 to 30 amps. You plug the cable into one end and the other into the power supply.

They are inexpensive, but you still want to make sure you are getting good quality.

UL and C-UL approval ratings

Most power cords are UL or C-UL listed. They are different, so it's important to know what they mean when you're shopping for an RV cable.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (5)

UL Recognition Classifications

Anything with a UL listing is safe to use in any store in the US. They have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories and meet ANSI-UL 484 electrical code. This is the industry standard used in air conditioning.

C-UL approval ratings

This approval is specified for Canada. Although the title is similar, they are approved by the Canadian Standards Association and comply with the Canadian Electrical Code. If you live in or plan to travel to Canada, this is the pass fee you need.

main properties

When shopping for a new 50 amp RV cord, there are a few things to consider before making your selection. Some may apply to you and some may not, but it's important to make sure you're getting exactly what you need.

power consumption

While most 50 amp cables are made with copper wires, you'll want to make sure yours is as well. This maximizes your energy efficiency, especially in a large RV. Although it depends on how much power you use, most large RVs have several air conditioners and larger appliances.

You'll use a lot more energy using all of these things, especially if you have a lot of passengers. With a charge-retaining cable, you can charge your batteries faster and power everything you need at once.

travel frequency

If you live in your RV all the time or travel frequently, you should consider purchasing a higher quality cable with copper wiring. However, if you only travel a few times a year, you can settle for a little less.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (6)


The camps used to set up their charging stations in groups. Wherever you parked you needed a really long cord to get power. While this is no longer the case, there are still campsites that will require you to have a longer cord.

There will be times when power is in the front of your location and your VR connection is in the back of your equipment. There will be other times when you will be on opposite sides of your trailer and you will have to keep driving it.

These circumstances call for a longer power cord, and you can get cables up to 125 feet if you look closely. They are not cheap, but they are there.

Conversely, if you know exactly where you're going, are comfortable with the setup, and know you don't need anything that long, you can get them as small as 25 feet, and sometimes shorter.


The final consideration to take into account is the cost. These cables are not cheap. While you may be able to cut costs by buying a shorter or worse made cable, I wouldn't recommend skimping here.

The safety of your family and your trailer is important, so buying a quality cable pays off in the long run.

Best 50 Amp RV Cord

Now that you can have a better idea of ​​what you're looking for, it's time to look at some of the best 50 amp RV cords you can get.

Cabos Camco PowerGrip

I trust Camco more than almost any other camping brand on the market and have never settled for less than a Camco PowerGrip cord for my RV. They are not cheap, but they are worth it.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (7)

the drawing ofCabos PowerGripIt's well thought out. One end features a 90-degree locking adapter that ensures the connection to your RV is stable at all times. It won't disconnect even if you accidentally pull it out. This also helps to get it out of the way.

The other end has a handle that allows you to easily disconnect the cable from a power source, even after maintaining a secure connection. If you've ever tried to pry one of these apart without a handle, you know how difficult it can be.

Camco offers PowerGrip options in 30 or 50 amps and in a variety of lengths from 25 to 50 feet.

Even when connected to 50 amps continuously, it won't overheat thanks to its quality and durable construction. It comes with a thick, reliable PVC jacket to protect you and everything inside the cable. It is also coated with a flame retardant for added safety.

Even with a thick coating, the cable is flexible enough to be rolled up and stored away when not in use. It also comes with a handle that you can use to keep the coils together. The handle has a handle that allows you to carry the entire cord comfortably.


  • Weatherproof locking screw
  • 90 degree twist lock design
  • PowerGrip-Griff
  • Handle and handle for easy transport and storage
  • Thick PVC body and flame retardant coating


  • More expensive than most other brands.

Conntek 14302 RV Generator Power Cord

Purchasing a stranded end power cord allows you to customize your connection. You can connect it to your RV or to a generator. This gives you more flexibility in deciding how to connect the other end to a power source.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (8)

oConntek 14302allows you to do that. The cable is about 2.5 cm in diameter, but still easy to wind and unwind. It is flexible even in cold temperatures and does not overheat when constantly connected to the mains.

It includes three 6-gauge wires and one 8-gauge wire and can handle up to 50 amps. The connector fits snugly for a secure and stable connection, but it can be difficult to disconnect if it's too tight.

The only downside to this cable is that you have to know enough about connecting bare wires or it is not a safe or ideal solution for you.


  • will not overheat
  • Stay flexible in cold weather
  • Easy to roll up and down.
  • Thick coating protects cables
  • It comes with a flexible connector for added flexibility.


  • Not ideal for anyone who doesn't know how to connect a bare end.

Happybuy RV Power Cord

This 50A power cordIt is a whopping 15 meters long and expands as much as you need it to. It is perfect for remote areas or when the breaker box location is not correct in your campsite.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (9)

It is expensive because it is very long, but it is the perfect option if you need something longer. The 30 foot option is very affordable if you need something that isn't quite as long, so you get great value with the Happybuy brand.

It's very durable and comes with power grips similar to Camco PowerGrip that make it much easier to clip on and off. The connections are secure enough not to loosen and have a twist lock on the female connection.

The rugged two-layer jacket ensures you're a safe and reliable option no matter where you are. It can withstand all weather conditions and is resistant to rips and tears. You can stand on it or walk over it and it will remain intact.

It's also designed not to bend, which increases its durability, but can make it difficult to roll up when you need to store it.


  • exceptional durability
  • Very long
  • Provides a secure connection to Power Grips
  • Robust outer shell


  • no known brand
  • May overheat with prolonged use

Camco PowerGrip Heavy Duty Extension Cord

If you already have a 50 amp power source but it's not enough, one of the best things you can do is get an extension cord. Camco rules once again with its PowerGrip family of grips.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (10)

These heavy duty extension cordsThey're reliable and come in many different lengths, so you'll need a lot of cables to get where you want to go.

They are safe outdoors and are made of 100% copper wire. It is coated with heat resistant and flame retardant PVC which makes it safe in any weather and protects the cable from fraying.

It's flexible, so it's easy to coil and store, and it's highly conductive, so it doesn't lose much efficiency with increasing distance from the central power source.

It also comes with a carry handle for easy storage or moving around camp.


  • Carrying bag with velcro for transport
  • Flexible for easy storage
  • PowerGrip handles for easy connections
  • secure connections
  • Heavy duty PVC coating for protection and durability.


  • caro

Go Wise Extension Cord

To be30 foot extension cordIt is an excellent economical alternative to Camco varieties. It features easy-grip handles to help you connect and is designed for rugged outdoor use. Each end is bent 90 degrees for easy removal.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (11)

The coating is thick and has a weather resistant cover to protect your connector from the elements. The carry handle helps you store or move. It meets US and Canadian safety standards and is flexible enough to roll up when not in use.


  • Great value for money
  • Handles are easy to grip for better connections


  • mark something unknown

Camco PowerGrip adapter

Say you have the perfect 50A power cord, but you're on a camping trip with 30A outlets, you'd be out of luck if you didn't have an adapter with you.PowerGrip de CamcoFamily also has some of the best adapters you can buy.

Best 50Amp RV Cable - Which One is Right for You? - Pioneers of VR (12)

They come in a variety of configurations, including dog bone and hockey puck, so you can choose the one that's most comfortable for you. Dog Bone Adapters are also available in a variety of lengths up to 6 feet.

Not only can you get 50 to 30 amp adapters, but Camco also offers 50 amp adapters to a 110 amp outlet that you can plug into your home if you need power quickly without access to 50 amp outlets that require amps. .

Many people also buy 50 amp extension cords and use Camco adapters to connect them to their trailer. There are many options from this reliable and versatile brand that I would recommend for all of your 50 amp power needs.


  • unlimited configurations
  • reliable and durable
  • PowerGrip handles for easy connections


  • Finding the right conversion for you can be confusing.

How much does it cost to install a 50 amp RV outlet?

If you don't already have an empty spot in your 50-amp 2-pole breaker box, you'll need to install a new one. The cost of the service panel is several hundred dollars, and I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself, which means you're paying for an electrician by the hour.

If you have a spare spot, all you need is a 50-amp breaker, the correct length of jacketed wire, and the outlet. All of this will cost you about $200 plus electrician's fees.

Doing it yourself eliminates the cost of an electrician, making it a bit more affordable.

If you want to bury your cable, you'll either have to pay someone to dig the trench or you'll have to do it yourself.

Frequent questions

If you're still not sure which 50 amp RV power cord is the best option for you, I get it. It took me a while to understand how many options were available and which ones would work with my trailer. These FAQs should help.

Question: How long does a 50 amp RV cord last?

Respondedor:There's no limit to how long you can connect, but the longest cable on the market is 50 feet. If you need to connect to a power source further away, you will need an extension cord.

Remember that the further you drive and the more connections you make between your RV and the power source, the less efficient your connection will be. That doesn't mean it's unsafe or won't successfully power your RV, but it may not charge your batteries as fast as a direct connection.

Question: Can I plug my 50 amp RV into my dryer outlet?

Respondedor:NO. Although these connections look the same, they work with two different voltages. Hooking your trailer to the dryer outlet will damage your home. If you want to hook up your RV at home, your best bet is to install a 50 amp utility for that.

Question: How do you hook up a 50 amp RV service?

Respondedor:You should only do it yourself if you have experience with electrical connections. You will need a 50 amp dipole breaker box with one free slot. If you don't have one, you'll need to install one.

Once you have that, you can buy a 50 amp breaker, your 50 amp cord, and 50 amp box at your local hardware store. Connect your 50A wire to the switch, dig a trench to bury the wire (if necessary), and then connect your wire to the box where you want your RV to have access to the power source.

Question: Can RV power cords break?

Respondedor:Your RV power cord can and will wear out, it's just a matter of time, weather, and wear and tear. While most RV power cords are very durable, a number of things can happen that can cause them to break.

Poor connections, improper wiring, improper handling, or unplugged connectors exposed to the elements can all contribute to accelerated wear. Even if you store it without using it very often, it can go bad faster.

As a general rule of thumb, your RV power cord will last around 5 years, but it may last less or longer depending on usage.

To connect

Finding the right 50 amp RV cord for you is crucial when connecting your RV. It gives you the power and efficiency you need to charge or run your RV. In addition, it offers safety and durability.

I'm a huge fan of Camco products and wouldn't buy anything else, but many people choose affordability over brand name and have good luck with that. Your choice depends on your specific needs and availability in your area.

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