How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (2023)

How much do interpreters earn? This is the first question that arises when the individual plans to build theirsacting career. Good? In addition, you will find that there are several myths about hiring interpreters. While we are faced with the question "how much money do interpreters make?" it often seems simple and uncomplicated.

In addition, it is better to know the average before hiring a voice serviceProfit of the translatoror an interpreter. then you can renta language specialistaccording to your budget and requirements.


However, the answer is quite complicated and requires a long discussion. So there are many factors such as language level, demand for the language, frequency and stress of work, employers and more. These factors determine the salary of an interpreter.

How much do interpreters earn? A professional view:

An interpreter converts conversations orally or verbally from one language to another. Therefore, the average salary for an interpreter is $21 per hour. Likewise, an interpreter must have good listening skills and good speaking skills.

The work output of an interpreter is very high; has almost a 19% growth. Here we discuss performer merits in general and based on specializations or skillstypes of interpretationbelow to learn how interpreters do it?

1. How much do interpreters earn in 2021?

In accordance withUS Bureau of Labor StatisticsReports, add the salaries of interpreters and translators. Thus, with an average salary of around US$50,000 per year, interpreters earn about the same salary as translators. However, interpreters earn a slightly different floor of $35,000 to $65,000 per year compared to translators.

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Also, interpreters can have very different pay rates depending on their location and specialization. Likewise, the general starting position of each profession will, on average, yield about the same earnings. According to the interpretation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for the service is very high with a higher salary rate.

2. How much do interpreters earn per year or per hour?

According to the PayScale report, an interpreter earns an average of $50,000 per year. In order to make that kind of money, you need to understand the language well. The average artist makes about $41,828 per year.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (2)

On the other hand, interpreters can also earn $20.11 per hour. So, interpreters in the bottom 10% make only about $28,000 a year for entry-level positions. However, the top 10% has a fairly high pay rate, with an average salary of $60,000.

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Many interpreters work fornonprofitmimedical assistancemedium-sized companies. In addition, interpreters who are more money conscious tend to work for higher-paying financial, insurance, and telecom companies.

3. How much do certified interpreters earn?

A certified interpreter is someone who has specialist knowledge in a specific field and has certifications from a recognized organization after passing an oral and written exam.certified interpretersreceives more salary than a normal interpreter. A certified interpreter can earn $92,000 per year.

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There are certain situations where only sworn interpreters are allowed to work after presenting their credentials. Because of this, certified interpreters are in high demand and therefore earn more money than general interpreters.

4. How much do medical interpreters earn?

medical interpretersWorked in various healthcare facilities.medical interpretersYou will need patient safety training and a working knowledge of multiple languages. In addition, certification as a medical interpreter is often an option for professionals, such as B. Registered Nurses to increase their income compared to others. Also, certified interpreters have the opportunity to work as freelance interpreters for a higher income.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (4)

There are also laws such asthe Medical Interpreters Act, Californiaguarantees patients the right to linguistic access. Therefore, there is a great demand for medical interpreters. These salaries also depend heavily on the interpreter's area of ​​activity. Thus, a hospital interpreter earns an annual salary of $85,000, which is higher than the national average of $80,000.

5. How much does a court interpreter earn?

In US courts, interpreters may work as federal or state court interpreters.court interpreter. As a rule, the federal tariff appliescourt interpreteris default or fixed. They can also earn in different ways on a day-to-day basis depending on the number of hours they work.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (5)

The income of state court interpreters varies from state to state and the level of income also depends on regional differences. Statistics show that the average annual income oflegal interpretersis about $67,258. For example, in New Jersey it's about $59,589 while in Florida it's $43,331.

6. Fee for the remuneration of the conference interpreter:

In his researchAmerican Translators Association (ATA)examines that most interpreters act as individual contractors. One of the main benefits of a freelance conference interpreter is flexibility. They also have the opportunity to determine their hourly rate based on the offers available on the market, taking into account a specific segment.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (6)

Also the average salary ofconference interpreterreveals up to $98,402 annually. Additionally, most interpreters in this position make more than $70,000 per year. Salaries can also differ significantly in different cities.

For example, conference interpreters in Washington D.C. Expect to earn 30% more than average, while in Los Angeles they make just 3% more than average.

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7. Salaries for United Nations interpreters:

to be interpreters in order to serveThe United Nationsit is often treated as a very prestigious position. Becoming a UN interpreter requires a high level of target language proficiency and specific expertise. The UN website shows that the requirements for interpretative matters range from politics to human rights, social, legal, economic, financial matters and more. 3

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (7)

According to reports from, the average base salary for UN interpreters ranges from $69,000 to $75,000. However, the actual earnings of interpreters at the UN can be much higher than those working as freelance or General Conference translators.

Although the average salary for interpreters is higher than the average salary for all occupations in the US, only 46% of interpreters say they are satisfied with their current income.

8. Telephone Interpreter Salary:

This unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to social distancing to avoid different types of corona. Currently, communication is done digitally over the phone or through video conferencing applications over the Internet. People are getting used to communicating with each other frequently through phone calls or social media messages.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (8)

As a result, our communication behavior has changed to maintain social distancing and we are in high demandtelephone interpreterto accommodate our various language service needs. Therefore, there is a significant demand for telephone interpreters and this demand is growing day by day. Therefore, the average salary for a telephone interpreter is $16 per hour.

How much do interpreters earn by top paid languages:

Demand for languages ​​is one of the most crucial factors in answering the question: how much do interpreters earn? Or to determine the salary of the interpreters. There are more than 3500 languages ​​in this world. All languages ​​are not very demanding. There are some top paying languages ​​for interpreting and we discuss the five best languages ​​below.

1. Spanish:

The Spanish interpreting service is the most sought after in many countries around the world. This language is in high demand in the United States. Europe, Africa, North America and South America use Spanish as the official language.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (9)

When companies operate internationally, interpreters are needed. The hourly wage for a Spanish interpreter is $27.

2. Tangerines:

The most spoken language in the world is Mandarin. Mandarin is the official language of China. More than 1.2 billion people speak the Mandarin language. Most countries in the world do business with China, so they need interpreters.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (10)

Even Mark Zuckerberg learned the Mandarin language. The hourly rate for a Mandarin interpreter is $25.

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3. Deutsch:

The German language is the third most requested language worldwide. Germany is one of the economically strongest countries in the world. Usually German citizens are not willing to use English.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (11)

So it's a great opportunity for an interpreter and as a German interpreter you can easily earn $24 an hour.

4. Italian:

The Italian language can surprise to a certain extent in terms of attracting interpreters. However, if you look at the competition and theItalian interpreting services, makes sense. At least interpreting from Italian into English is in great demand worldwide. As a result, you can see a consistent average earnings of around $50,000 per year.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (12)

Also, much of this interpretation work can be done remotely. This means that you can use Italian interpreting as a fantastic addition to your daily work.

5. Japanese:

The fourth highest paid actor is a Japanese actor. They are paid $23 an hour. Japan is the most business-friendly country. Some of the largest companies in the world are based in this city.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (13)

So it's easy to say that there is a great demand for Japanese interpreters.

How much do interpreters earn in the cities that pay the most?

There are many cities in the United States and around the world that pay high salaries to interpreters. Below are the cities and interpreter service provider salaries.


Washington is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Additionally, Washington is one of the highest paying cities in the US for hiring interpreter providers.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (14)

So you pay about $78,640 annuallyan interpreter in Washington.

2. San Francisco:

San Francisco pays the second highest salary for interpreters. Because this city is the commercial and financial center of Northern California.

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How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (15)

For example, an interpreter in this city earns an average of US$78,250 per year.

3. Austin, Texas:

One of the fastest growing cities in the US is Austin, Texas. Austin is the technology and business center. Do you have any idea about the income of an interpreter? Or how much do you pay an interpreter annually?

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (16)

Therefore, they pay $78,060 annually to an interpreting service provider.

4. New York:

In New York you will find the largest number of American billionaires. This city is the eighth largest economy in the world. Most populous city in the United States. There is a great demand for interpreting service providers in New York City.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (17)

That's why they pay $77,800 a year for an interpreter.

5. Augusta, Georgia:

This city is located on the east-central border of the US state of Georgia. In addition, Augusta employs more than 25,000 people and has more than $1.8 billion in economic impact.

How much do interpreters earn? - A detailed guide (18)

Therefore, they pay $73,840 annually to an interpreting service provider.


We discussed various factors such as interpreter types, target language demand and different US locations to answer the question: how much money do interpreters make? Additionally, performer ratings also play an important role in determining your earnings. While interpreters and translators often require a bachelor's degree, the basic requirements are English language skills and at least one target language.” –US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So an average interpreter makes $22 an hour, $50,000 a year. If you can improve your skills and gain more experience, this gap can be much longer. However, you have the option of becoming self-employed or full-time. As a professional interpreter you will enjoy a good salary and flexibility at work.

ContactThe Language DoctorsTeam today for more information on translations andinterpreting services. Our experienced linguists are waiting for your call to handle all of your language services needs.

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