How the Philippines Can Marry the US Military in Japan (2023)

I recently married my husband in Japan who is stationed in the US Navy in Yokosuka. I was having a lot of difficulty filling all the wedding paperwork due to lack of information so I decided to make a post about my work process to connect with Filipinos who are about to marry their American military grooms in the future.



First, you need a Japanese visa to be able to go to Japan and get married. As you will be invited by US military, the visa is under SOFA status. You cannot apply for a visa directly at the embassy. Visit the Embassy of Japan in Manila website to discover the accredited agencies that would process your visa application. I recommendfriendship toursat Dusit Hotel Makati. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I also had good experiences with him.Reli-Touren. Tarifa: PHP2000.

These are the requirements you must submit:

  • Philippine passport (valid for 6 months from date of departure)
  • Completed visa application form (Available on the JP Embassy website)
  • Photo (1 copy of white background 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm)
  • NSO Birth Certificate (with receipt and valid for 1 year. No need to present if you have a previous Japanese visa)
  • NSO Cenomar (for single: if applicable)
  • Roadmap in Japan (Format available on the JP Embassy website)
  • Documents and photos that prove the relationship (e.g. emails, air letters)
  • declaration of performance
  • Groom's ID card and military passport (data page) (color copy with notary stamp)
  • Invitation letter with handwritten signature (Format available on the JP Embassy website)
  • Letter of guarantee with handwritten signature (Format available on the JP Embassy website)
  • Groom's most recent tax return (copy of Form 1040 and Form W-2)

Be sure to indicate on your application form that the purpose of visiting Japan is to marry your US military fiancé. They need a lot of time to process the marriage process, so ask for an extended stay, for example. B. 60 – 90 days. You do not need to submit a bank statement or income tax return. All documents mustOriginalThen your fiancé has to send it to you. The agency will contact you once your visa is approved and ready for collection. The visa process takes 3-5 working days.


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This verification is required when applying for authorization to marry. to St. Luke's Outreach Clinic is the only clinic accredited to perform medical tests related to US premarital screening in the Philippines. The clinic is located in Ermita, Manila, near the United Nations Headquarters. Avenue. No appointment required. Submit your confirmation letter and the review will proceed. Fee: 223 USD (PHP: depends on dollar-peso conversion rate).

These are the requirements you must submit:

  • Confirmation letter signed by the master indicating:
    • the applicant's name
    • exam objective
    • Medical tests that must be performed
  • Paso Philippinischer
  • Photo (2 copies of 2×2 white background)

Results would take 2-4 business days to post. If you have negative results, you will be asked to receive treatment until you get better.

Use:If you want a cheap medical check-up, get it in Japan. There are accredited clinics/hospitals that perform premarital exams outside the military base.



To get married at City Hall in Japan, you need a legal capacity to marry (Konin Youken Gubi Shoumeisho: Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry) from the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.

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These are the requirements you must submit:

  • Completed LCCM Form (Available on the PH Embassy website)
  • Valid Philippine Passport (1 photocopy of data page)
  • NSO Birth Certificate (Original and 1 Photocopy with DFA Red Ribbon)**
  • NSO CENOMAR (Original and 1 photocopy with DFA Red Ribbon: if applicable)**
    • Valid for 6 months from date of issue
    • Purpose: For wedding
  • Photo (both parts: 2 passport-sized copies, white background)
  • Power of attorney for marriage (original and 1 photocopy: from the commander) *See nº 5
  • Declaration of Eligibility to Marry (1 photocopy) *See #6
  • Valid passport or military identification document (original and 1 photocopy)

ADDITIONAL: For young people aged 18 to 25:

  • Ages 18-20: Parental consent statement (with copy of parent's passport and red DFA ribbon)**
  • Ages 21-25: Parental Counseling Affidavit (with copy of parent's passport and DFA red ribbon) or Parental Counseling Affidavit, with DFA red ribbon, that consent was obtained Parental Counselling.**

Use:If one or both parents are deceased, submit one or more NSO death certificates with the DFA Red Ribbon. If the parents refused, please provide an affidavit stating that you sought parental advice and your refusal.** Affidavit and Affidavitnotarized in the Philippinesrequires only DFA Red Ribbon. If the parents are present in Japan, they can apply for the sworn statement at the embassy.

Both parties must be present at the embassy at the time of submission of requirements. The nearest station to PH Embassy Tokyo is Roppongi. Certificate release takes 2-3 business days for the accelerated version and 5 business days for the regular version. The Japanese translation is already included in the certificate.

Addendum:In my case, I was single at the time and I was 24 and I didn't have an affidavit from my parents, so I did an affidavit saying I asked for advice and they gave me the advice. I authenticated it at the Tokyo PH Embassy and submitted it along with the LCCM application. Make sure you have already photocopied the requirements (size: A4) when you go to the embassy. If you want to mail your LCCM instead of picking it up after clearance, buy a pack of 500 letters from any Japanese post office or buy them from vendors who sell outside the embassy.

For more information: Please contact the Tokyo Embassy PH
Phone: (+81)-3-5562-1607


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  • Birth Certificate / CENOMAR / Death Certificate(s) must be authenticated by the NSO
  • After notarizing the Sworn Declaration or Sworn Declaration, it is necessary to obtain a Certificate of Power of Attorney for Notarial Deed signed by the Judge or Deputy Judge of the Regional Court of First Instance (RTC) that issued the notarial order.
  • Access the DFA on Macapagal Blvd. It costs Php 100 per document and will be released after 4 working days. Php 200 per document for expedited and next business day posting or;
  • Do it online ( It costs Php 700 to Php 1,030 per document and will be delivered to your doorstep within 2-3 working days


This seminar is a prerequisite for requesting a marriage proposal. the seminar takes placeevery first Tuesday of the monthTherefore, your groom needs to plan ahead. Both parties must attend and attend the FFSC Pre-Wedding Seminar. If one or both of you are unable to attend, marriage counseling can be arranged with the chaplain. The purpose of this seminar is to learn about the privileges and responsibilities of marriage.


These are the requirements your fiancé must present to his commander:

  • Document(s) proving the nationality of both parties (passport or birth certificate)
  • Medical Test Results (Both parts: valid for 6 months from date of issue)
  • Proof of participation in the FFSC Premarital Seminar
  • Proof of being single (both parts: if applicable)
  • Proof of termination of previous marriage (both parties: if applicable)
  • Parental consent for minors to marry (both parties: if applicable)


Once the Marriage Permit Application is approved, your fiancé(e) will need to submit it to the Office of Legal Services to obtain the Affidavit of Competence to Marriage and then translate it into Japanese.***


Apply at the city hall where your fiancé resides. You must present these documents:

  • Paso Philippinischer
  • Alien Registration Card (only if you live in Japan)
  • Groom's passport (if available) or birth certificate (with Japanese translation)***
  • legal capacity to marry
  • Declaration of Marriage Eligibility (with Japanese translation)***
  • Completed Konin Todoke Marriage Registration Form: 婚姻届 signed by 2 witnesses over 20 years of age of any nationality. (Available at City Hall: Japanese only)***

Congratulations! They are officially married. Witnesses do not need to be present at the town hall for the marriage ceremony. The marriage certificate/marriage notification acceptance certificate (Jyuri Shoumeisho: 受理証明書) in Japanese will be released on the same day. Ask your friends who speak and write Japanese for help, or find a professional translator.

Request a list of translators from the Office of Legal Services.

If you have any other concerns, please leave a comment.

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Can military get married in Japan? ›

Correct Information: The CNFJ marriage instruction requires all servicemembers stationed in Japan to obtain command approval when marrying a Japanese national or resident, regardless of the location of the marriage, unless the fiancé is already a legal resident of the U.S. If a servicemember did not obtain the command ...

Can you marry someone from another country in the military? ›

These regulations require that all members planning to marry a foreign national will submit an application for permission to marry to their area commander or a designated representative. This is required regardless of whether the service member is stationed overseas or only traveling there to get married.

What are the requirements for international marriage in Japan? ›

Japanese law requires all foreigners who marry in Japan to first prepare a sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry, affirming they are legally free to marry, from their own country's embassy or consulate in Japan. This is a notarial service. You will need to make an appointment.

What happens if you marry someone in Japan? ›

If you are married to a Japanese national and want to live in Japan with him/her, you will need a visa for a Spouse or Child of a Japanese National. It is important that your marriage is legal in Japan. This means that you have lodged your marriage at a municipality office where you reside and it is accepted.

How fast can you get married in Japan? ›

Marriage in Japan can be expeditious - couples can be married on the same day that they apply for a marriage license. The legal minimum age for marriage is 18 years old for men and 16 years old for women. If you or your partner are under 20, your parents will also need to grant special permission.

Can US military spouses work in Japan? ›

Military spouses can work on the economy, but may be required to pay Japanese taxes in addition to U.S. tax requirements. Currently, you cannot use USPS services or any military-related discounted products in order to conduct on-base businesses (military Exchanges, etc.).

What happens when you marry someone in military? ›

As a husband or wife of a service member, you get to be an active participant in the military family. You are also eligible for many benefits, including health care, shopping privileges on base and access to base recreation facilities and other programs.

How long does it take to process military marriage? ›

Depending on whether or not you apply from within the United States or abroad, you can expect to wait 17 months, not including possible delays. The process generally takes longer for spouses of green card holders — who must wait for a “visa number” before applying — than for spouses of U.S. citizens.

How much money does a military spouse get? ›

The SBP annuity is determined by the base amount you elect. The base amount may range from a minimum of $300 up to a maximum of full retired pay. The annuity is 55 percent of the base amount.

Do you need permission from the military to get married? ›

Military members who are stationed in the United States do not need any advanced permission or special paperwork filled out prior to getting married.

What are the benefits of marrying someone in the military? ›

Many military benefits and resources are available to spouses.
  • Access to commissaries and exchanges.
  • Free gyms, libraries and other recreation opportunities.
  • Free tax services.
  • Free, confidential non-medical counseling services.
  • Help with education and career goals.
  • Military discounts.
Dec 7, 2020

How long does it take to get a marriage visa in Japan? ›

The time required from visa application to visa issuance is 5 working days from the day following the date of receipt of the application, provided that there is no particular problem with the content of application.

How much does it cost to get married in Japan? ›

On average, a wedding ceremony in Japan costs about ¥3 million, including around 70 guests, the dress or kimono, venue, catering, etc. There are ways to lower the bill further, such as renting the dress or kimono or going for wedding packages.

How much does a Japanese spouse visa cost? ›

Fees for related Spouse VISA
ApplicationRetainer (Yen)Total (Yen)
Certificate of Eligibility50,000100,000
Change of Status of Residence40,00080,000
Change of Status of Residence (from temporary visitor visa)50,000100,000
Extension of Period of Stay25,00025,000
2 more rows

Do you get permanent residency if you marry a Japanese? ›

Generally, this visa requires applicant staying in Japan for 10 years. However, “Spouse or child of Japanese National” or “Spouse of permanent residency” visa holder who have been married for more than 3 years and the certified term of stay is for 3 years, are able to apply for “Permanent residency” visa.

Can a Filipino be a Japanese citizen? ›

Applying for Dual Citizenship in Japan. Filipino citizens can apply for dual citizenship through the Philippine Embassy in Japan, provided that the applicant can establish and provide certain requirements to undergo this process.

Does marrying a Japanese give citizenship? ›

Foreigners can acquire japanese citizenship by marriage or naturalization. It is important to understand that Japan recognizes only one citizenship. The Japanese Nationality Act (Law No. 147 of 1950) defines the requirements for acquisition and loss of Japanese nationality.

How to get married in Japan as American? ›

An affidavit of Competency to Marry is required for all foreigners wanting to get married in Japan. This proves that you're legally free to marry, and this form can be obtained via the foreigner's country's embassy or consulate in Japan for a certain fee. This link is to the one from the U.S. embassy, as an example.

Does Japan recognize foreign marriages? ›

By a delivery of an authorized copy of certification as to the marriage issued by the foreign land (state / nation), the marriage is regarded under law of Japan as one in accordance with the formality of the foreign land.

How do I get a fiance visa for Japan? ›

The documents you must submit include:
  1. The Certificate of Eligibility.
  2. Japan Spouse Visa Application Form, completed and signed. ...
  3. Your valid passport along with photocopies of it.
  4. Passport-size pictures with the following specifications: ...
  5. A Letter of Guarantee or Sponsorship from your sponsor.

Do military spouses need a work visa? ›

You'll need a work permit to be eligible to work in the United States. Use the resources below to get your work permit. Once you have your permit, you can legally obtain employment. Contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Does Japan allow spouse visa? ›

If your family plans to stay in Japan for more than 90 days, you need to acquire a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) for a Dependent Visa, which can only be obtained for your dependent spouse and children.

Can I live with my military husband? ›

But service members and their families move frequently. The SCRA allows active-duty military members to maintain their legal residence in the place they consider home. The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act allows military spouses to declare the same state of legal residency as their spouse.

How long do you have to be married to a military man to get his benefits? ›

The first situation is the 20/20/20 Rule, and if former spouses meet these criteria, the service member's former spouse is entitled to full military benefits. To qualify: You must have been married for at least 20 years; and. The servicemember must have had at least 20 years of creditable service; and.

How long do you have to be married to get military spouse benefits? ›

Under the Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA), the 10/10 rule governs the method of payment. At least ten years of marriage overlapping at least ten years of military service is needed for direct payment from the retired pay center, usually the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

What is the disadvantage of marrying a military man? ›

Marital problems related to deployment and military service can include struggles related to service-caused PTSD, depression or anxiety, caregiving challenges if their service member returns injured, feelings of isolation and resentment towards their spouse, infidelity related to the long separations, and the roller ...

What are the military rules for marriage? ›

There are no laws governing military marriage. Military members can marry whomever they want, including same-sex partners.

Do married military couples get stationed together? ›

Look for joint assignments – Each service branch has a program for assigning married couples to the same duty location or within 100 miles of each other. Be proactive in your search for joint assignments by looking into programs such as the Air Force Joint Spouse Program and the Married Army Couples Program.

How to make a military marriage work? ›

9 ways to make your military marriage stronger
  1. Take Advantage of Marriage Enrichment Programs.
  2. Honesty Goes a Long Way.
  3. Address Finances Often.
  4. Plan for Deployment.
  5. Plan for Moves to Reduce Stress.
  6. Create a Routine.
  7. Ask for Help.
  8. Make Big Decisions Together.
Aug 21, 2019

What are military wives called? ›

Being called a “Dependa” implies the military spouse sits at home all day doing nothing while their service member sacrifices everything to keep them comfortable.

Do military wives get free college? ›

As a spouse of an eligible service member, you'll qualify for up to 36 months (four academic calendar years) of educational benefits that include: 100% tuition and fee payments for in-state public institutions OR up to $26,371.37 per academic year for private or foreign schools.

Will the military pay for my wife to move? ›

The military will pay the moving expenses of the non-military spouse so they can return home from an overseas duty station. In terms of the monetary value involved, that will be negotiated and determined based on dependents, time of service, length of marriage, and other factors.

Can you get in trouble for marrying someone for military benefits? ›

Some military personnel get married simply for the benefits, entering into a business arrangement instead of a loving union. This is an illegal act. If caught, you could face a court martial and serious ramifications.

Do you have to be married to live with your military boyfriend? ›

At some bases “single” (i.e. unmarried) service members are required to live in the barracks. And if that is the case, spouses cannot stay there. At other bases, single service members are allowed to live off base, and if they are off base, you can live with them. Once you're married, you can get a house on base.

Do you have to be married to live with someone on a military base? ›

For starters, an unmarried couple cannot live on a base outside of certain extenuating circumstances that would have the non-service member defined as a caregiver for the service member's children. As a result, unmarried military couples typically live off-base.

Do military wives receive benefits? ›

As the spouse or dependent child of a Veteran or service member, you may qualify for certain benefits, like health care, life insurance, or money to help pay for school or training.

Does the military pay for your house? ›

If you live off base, the government pays for your housing up to a certain amount, which gives you the freedom and flexibility to find the type of home and location you prefer, although it doesn't account for costs of homeownership such as property taxes or insurance.

How much is Japan visa fee in Philippines? ›

P1,200 〜TOTAL
1. TOURIST VISA MULITIPLE VISA(max 90 days)1,200.00
2. VISITING FRIENDS/RELATIVES (beyond 3rd)(max 90 days)2,000.00
3. VISITING RELATIVES - up to 3rd(max 90 days)2,000.00
10 more rows

Can a spouse visa be denied in Japan? ›

This means that if the marriage of the two is not financially stable, it will be a public burden such as receiving welfare, and you cannot live a marriage as an independent couple, you will not be able to accept a visa. This is because there is an attitude of immigration examination.

How can I apply for spouse visa from Philippines to Japan? ›

  1. Visa Application Form. ...
  2. Photo. ...
  3. Birth Certificate. ...
  4. Marriage Certificate (if the applicant is married) ...
  5. Family Registration(Koseki Tohon) (only if requesting a multiple visa) ...
  6. Passport copy of the Japanese Spouse/Parent living in the Philippines.

Can Filipinos get married in Japan? ›

Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (LCCM) A Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage (LCCM) is issued ONLY to Filipinos presently residing in Japan who wish to get married to a foreign national. Note: Application may be done in-person by appointment or by mail.

What are the requirements marrying Japanese? ›

The male partner must be 18 years of age or older and the female partner must be 18 years of age or older. A person who is under 18 years of age cannot get married in Japan without a parent's approval. Most people related by blood, by adoption or through other marriages cannot get married in Japan.

Who pays for the wedding in Japan? ›

When it comes to weddings in Japan, who pays what usually? The couple pays for everything (with help from the guests, as money is the traditional wedding gift in Japan). How much does a ceremony costs and how much in advance one must make reservations?

Is Japan visa free for Filipino? ›

Citizens of 68 countries can travel to Japan without a visa. Unfortunately, the Philippines is not on the visa-free list and Filipino passport holders require a Japanese tourist visa to enter the country.

Is Japan visa free for US citizens? ›

Visa Free Travel for U.S. Citizen Tourists

Currently, tourists with U.S. passports do not need visas for short-term visits (up to three months).

How do I get a Japanese visa for my wife? ›

You can apply for a Spouse visa if you obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) as a Spouse of Permanent Resident. 2. If you have another category's CoE, you can apply for the visa appropriate to your CoE. You must provide the Residence card (zairyu card) or Certificate of Residence of your family member in Japan.

Can Filipinos get married abroad? ›

Only marriages between Filipino citizens abroad may be solemnized by a Consul General, Consul or Vice Consul of the Republic of the Philippines. Any Filipino, male or female, 18 years of age or older, and not otherwise disqualified by law may contract marriage.

How easy is it to get married in Japan? ›

If you are an American planning to marry in Japan, the process is straightforward. With some planning, most people can complete all the things needed to get married in less than one day. Servicemen and women may have additional steps to take to marry in Japan; contact your unit personnel officer or chain of command.

Can a Filipino apply for Japanese citizenship? ›

Non-Japanese citizens can obtain Japanese citizenship when they complete the process of naturalization.

Can I travel to Japan to get married? ›

You may wonder if you can get married without being a Japanese citizen or resident. The answer is Yes. If you're eligible to get married in your country of origin, you can get married in Japan too.

How can I get married from Philippines to USA? ›

If you are not yet married and your fiancé is still in the Philippines, you can, if you are a U.S. citizen, petition for your fiancé to enter the U.S. on a K-1 visa in order to get married in the U.S.—and then your new spouse can stay in the U.S. to apply for a green card, if desired.

Can I bring my Filipino wife to the US? ›

Bringing the Filipino Spouse to the United States

He or she must be petitioned by the American spouse and apply for a visa to enter the United States. The Filipino spouse may enter the United States on a K-3 nonimmigrant visa, CR1 immigrant visa or IR1 immigrant visa.

Can Filipino citizens join the US military? ›

You do not have to be a U.S. citizen to enlist in the military, but you may have fewer options. If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must: Have a permanent resident card, also known as a Green Card. Currently live in the U.S.

Will Japan be visa free for Filipinos? ›

Citizens of 68 countries can travel to Japan without a visa. Unfortunately, the Philippines is not on the visa-free list and Filipino passport holders require a Japanese tourist visa to enter the country. Here is everything you need to know about obtaining a Japanese visa from the Philippines.

Can you marry to get Japanese citizenship? ›

Foreigners can acquire japanese citizenship by marriage or naturalization. It is important to understand that Japan recognizes only one citizenship. The Japanese Nationality Act (Law No. 147 of 1950) defines the requirements for acquisition and loss of Japanese nationality.

Does Philippines allow dual citizenship? ›

Natural-born Filipinos who have acquired the citizenship of another country through naturalization may retain or re-acquire their Philippine citizenship, making them dual citizens of both the Philippines and the country where they were naturalized.

How do I get a Japanese marriage visa? ›

Requirements and application process
  1. Completed application form.
  2. One photograph (4 cm long × 3 cm wide)
  3. Family register of the Japanese national, stating that they are married to you (issued within the past 3 months)
  4. Marriage certificate issued by an institution in your home country.
Aug 9, 2021

How do I invite my fiance to Japan? ›

A letter from the person to be visited explaining their relationship to you plus other documents such as pictures, passport copies, etc. Invitation letter from the person you will visit. This must explain why you will be visiting and must have a signature. Must be issued within the past 3 months.


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