How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (2023)

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (1)

Vít Volšička | May 26, 2020

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (2)

partner position - application agentIntegrated mobile app marketing

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (3)

There comes a time in every app's development where marketing has to go beyond the duopoly of Facebook and Google. At this crucial stage, choose and implement a mobile attribution tool. Choosing the right platform and partner can save you a significant amount of time and resources, paving the way for success.

This guide is aimed at app developers who want to reach more users and measure their long-term value and therefore the ROI of their campaigns.

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4 big

There are four main attribution platforms:application leaflet,Adjust,Kochavaand the newest player on the market -Department. Also worth mentioningEntal, which we haven't included in this article as it's primarily aimed at larger companies.

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (4)

With any of them you can:

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  • Measure the first click;
  • Assign click to install; AND
  • Notify partners of installs and events via server postback URLs.

Let's take a look at each of them.

Mobile attribution tool analytics


AppsFlyer is mobile app marketing and analytics software that enables companies to track and optimize the delivery path.

basic facts

  • The platform is primarily designed for marketers who use data to make decisions to provide them with all the tools they need to get the most out of their business.
  • It provides flexible reporting, in-depth analysis and performance metrics.
  • Thanks to built-in third-party integrations, you can assign campaigns from a diverse set of media sources, including TV broadcasts.
  • Raw data available for a fee plus one month free trial

main advantage

  • Features like Protect 360 and Audience Builder that allow users to run audience-based UA campaigns. Appsflyer claims that you don't have to worry about fake installations.

our recommendation

  • You certainly won't go wrong with this choice. The price of such a tool might not be as attractive as its functionality, so we understand why smaller companies are looking for better deals.


Adjust is a mobile app event tracking tool that can be used both as an app analytics and an attribution platform.

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How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (5)

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basic facts

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  • Adjust is one of the industry leaders with customers like Zynga, Spotify and Rovio, mainly due to the high security and data protection rules that Adjust, as a German company, implements in advance.
  • It is a tool for mobile attribution, app analysis, store statistics, campaign tracking, cohort analysis and app KPI, etc.
  • They support a wide variety of media channels (including non-digital ones).
  • After acquiring and Unbotify in late 2018 - early 2019, the company gained strong automation and anti-fraud capabilities.
  • Raw data available at Level 2 or higher plus 1 month free trial

main advantage

Adjust uses its own private cloud infrastructure rather than a third-party solution (eg AppsFlyer uses AWS). Thanks to this, they have the highest number of security certificates among their competitors.

our recommendation

Another robust solution for teams of all sizes. Especially useful for projects that want to test the viability of AU procurement and don't want to sign annual contracts. Very versatile, but again the price can add up quickly. See how it compares to the others below.


Kochava provides a holistic and unbiased analytics platform that helps marketers at every stage of their work: from research to campaign optimization.

basic facts

  • Kochava enables data integration with a wide range of third-party tools that complement each company's unique analytics stack.
  • Raw data available for free users as well as a free trial

main advantage

  • Kochava offers the full version for free if you agree to share your data. If you're an indie developer, you might appreciate having access to a tool like this.

our recommendation

  • It's a solid tool for smaller companies getting into attribution and marketing analytics. It's cost-effective, free organic data, and comes with all the integrations you need to get started with UA.
  • Please note that Kochava is a US based company with a support team. In our experience, while their support is really good, it can take a while to get back to you if you're on a different continent.


Branch helps mobile apps grow with deep linking that drives paid acquisition and re-engagement campaigns, referral programs, content sharing, deep linking emails, smart banners, personalized user onboarding and more.

basic facts

  • Branch is fundamentally different from any other attribution partner because it focuses primarily on people-based attribution.
  • Branch uses automatic cross-platform identifiers to help marketers recognize users across web and apps to redirect them to both platforms.
  • Raw data for paid users is available.

main advantage

This is very beneficial for e-commerce businesses that have a truly interconnected customer journey, allowing for a consistent view of all channels that users interacted with prior to conversion.

our recommendation

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  • Unfortunately, we have very little experience with this MMP so far and we rarely recommend it to our customers due to the pricing model.
  • The pricing model is based on the number of MAUs, not installed facilities, and as such was not suitable for our customers.

Compare mobile attribution providers

Here's a quick overview of what these attribution providers offer.

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (6)

The final point of comparison is the number of ad networks. When deciding to use one of them, be sure to check that all major networks are connected to the selected MMP.

Below is an AppAgent decision tree created for our customers to help you quickly decide which solution is best for you.

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (7)

Let's see how this diagram can be applied to real cases.

Some examples of Appagents

home app

pocket money hunt

A career and recruitment platform that facilitates your job search with casual private chats between job seekers and employers. It is based on the idea of ​​Tinder-like matching where your skills are assessed and compared to the skill set desired by the recruiter.

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (8)

medium size application

Managementpor Budget Bakers

A mobile business management platform that combines business planning, sales tracking and cash flow management. The board allows you to track sales, monitor deadlines, plan for profitability and allows entrepreneurs to always be in control of their business thanks to powerful automated reports.

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (9)

The best branded app

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Cheap flight booking system with an extensive base of cheap flights in Europe. Its most notable feature, Nomad, allows travelers to plan their entire trip by looking up routes to multiple cities from multiple starting points or finding destinations within a given radius. In addition, the company also works with a number of different partners to offer special deals on things like car rentals, travel insurance and hotels.

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (10)

As you can see in this article, choosing the right attribution platform is heavily influenced by your application's needs, timeframes, expected UA and MAU volumes. We hope that our examples will allow you to make the best decision in time.

If you have questions or need support with onboarding a selected partner, AppAgent can help. AppAgent also offers customized product and marketing analytics that provide a complete picture of your mobile business at an affordable price.

Please contact us for details

About the author

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (11)

Vit Volšiček

Vit worked onapplication agentfor 3 years as a Data Analyst and Engineer, where he is responsible for all technological development at AppAgent. What he likes most is automating routine activities, and the biggest challenge so far has been creating a backend for internal product analysts.

How to choose the best mobile attribution partner for your app (12)

application agent

application agentis an integrated mobile marketing agency that effectively combines data, creation and user acquisition into one functional strategy.From San Francisco to Hong Kong, AppAgent powers the growth of companies like Glu Mobile, Babbel, Joom,, Huawei, Small Giant Games and many more.AppAgent was awarded App Marketing Agency of the Year at the 2018 App Growth Awards.

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What is a mobile attribution partner? ›

A mobile measurement partner (MMP) is a company that acts as a third-party provider to attribute, collect, and organize app data to deliver a unified overview of a brand's campaign performance.

How do I choose an MMP? ›

The big question: how to choose an MMP
  1. Diagnose the need for an MMP.
  2. Decide on your mobile measurement needs and goals.
  3. Build a team of stakeholders including marketing, finance, BI, product, and executives.
  4. Decide on budget.
  5. Identify top options.
  6. Shortlist partners that look like potential fits.
Mar 10, 2023

What challenge does attribution solve in the mobile app ecosystem? ›

Attribution affects the entire mobile ad ecosystem, from determining how much ad space costs to how well a campaign has performed – another reason attribution is a fundamental component of mobile marketing.

What is attribution in mobile apps? ›

Mobile attribution is a method for determining which campaigns, media partners, and channels delivered specific app installs.

What is mobile attribution for dummies? ›

Mobile attribution is how marketers understand the journey a user takes to arrive in their app and what they do once they've landed there. Web marketing uses the well-known cookie to track the user journey, but the same is not possible for mobile apps.

Is AppsFlyer worth it? ›

Overall, I highly recommend AppsFlyer for any business looking to optimize their mobile app marketing efforts. Its comprehensive analytics, attribution tools, and real-time insights make it an invaluable resource for maximizing ROI and driving growth.

How is MMP measured? ›

Place the 96-well plate into the microplate spectrofluorometer and measure the fluorescence arbitrary units at 455 nm after excitation of the solution with 360 nm light (Fig. 14.24. 1B). MMP activity can be determined by end point analysis or measured over time to analyze enzyme kinetics.

What are MMP platforms? ›

MMP (mobile measurement platform) is a platform in which advertisers can track the performance of their different marketing channels. The platform provides data and insights that help advertisers better understand where they should be spending their marketing budgets.

How does MMP attribution work? ›

The attribution performed by MMPs is typically done through special access to data and marketing activity in a brand's own app and the platform they're marketing on. That could use a software development kit (SDK), or it could be done via server-to-server connections.

What is the best attribution setting? ›

7 day click is the attribution setting that we've found to be the most useful across the businesses that we run ads for in our agency. This attribution means that If they click on your ad and take a conversion action in the next 7 days that action will be reported to your campaign.

What are the three main influences on attribution? ›

If we blame it on a problem she is having, then the attribution is external. Three factors influence whether the behavior of others is attributed to internal or external causes: consensus, consistency, and distinctiveness.

What are attribution strategies? ›

Marketing attribution is the way advertisers determine how marketing tactics—and subsequent customer interactions—contributed to sales, conversions, or other goals. These marketing metrics are used to identify the channels and messages that inspire potential buyers to take action.

What is an example of mobile attribution? ›

Mobile attribution and marketing funnels

For example: 1000 people see an ad for an app. Of those, 100 people click on the ad. Of those, 10 people end up installing the app.

What are the quality attributes of a mobile app? ›

The main quality attributes of the ISO 9126 standard are Functionality, Reliability, Usability, Efficiency, Maintainability and Portability that are further divided into a set of sub-attributes.

What is an attribution example? ›

Example: Maria's car breaks down on the freeway. If she believes the breakdown happened because of her ignorance about cars, she is making an internal attribution. If she believes that the breakdown happened because her car is old, she is making an external attribution.

What are the two types of attribution explain? ›

There are basically two types of attributions: internal and external, or personal and situational. Either the person is in control of his/her behavior, or the situation is exerting influence upon him/her, to shape his/her behavior.

What is your attribution model? ›

An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to touchpoints in conversion paths. For example, the Last Interaction model in Analytics assigns 100% credit to the final touchpoints (i.e., clicks) that immediately precede sales or conversions.

What are attribution settings? ›

The attribution setting is a finite period of time during which conversions can be credited to your ads and used to inform campaign optimisation. Our system will learn from the conversions that occur during this time period and help improve performance by showing your ads to those people who find them most relevant.

Why choose AppsFlyer? ›

AppsFlyer helps brands make good choices for their business and their customers through innovative, privacy-preserving measurement, analytics, fraud protection, and engagement technologies.

Why do you need AppsFlyer? ›

AppsFlyer is a cloud-based SaaS attribution software that helps businesses make good choices for themselves and their customers. This solution uses innovative technologies that preserve privacy, utilize analytics, and protect against fraud.

Which companies use AppsFlyer? ›

Who uses AppsFlyer?
National Football League,
Teaching Strategies, LLCteachingstrategies.com10M-50M
Rosetta Stone Incrosettastone.com100M-200M
1 more row

What does high MMP mean? ›

Serum levels of MMPs are known to be altered in many human pathologic conditions. Elevated serum levels of MMPs have been reported in, for example, polycystic kidney disease (19), systemic sclerosis (20), rheumatoid arthritis (21), and cancer.

Why do you need a MMP? ›

An MMP will provide all of your campaign data across multiple networks and campaigns in a single dashboard. Comparing campaign results becomes much easier, too. An MMP allows you to pull valuable insights so you know where to spend your budget and how to optimize your installs, ROAS, and LTV.

What does MMP stand for app? ›

MMP, or Mobile Measurement Partner, is a third-party tool that app marketers use to analyze the performance of their mobile advertising campaigns. In other words, MMP provides data on mobile campaign performance metrics such as app installs, engagement, clicks, revenue, and so on.

How does Kochava work? ›

Kochava collects (via momentary redirect or network server ping) device information when an impression is served or a user clicks on an advertisement served by a network. Each of these engagements are eligible for attribution.

What is the difference between DMP and MMP? ›

Although MMP and DMP are both mixed systems, the main difference is that MMP features two tiers of representatives whereas DMP has only a single tier. Under MMP, the first set of elected candidates serve a district whereas the other representatives serve the entire region.

What is an MMP Kochava? ›

An MMP is a mobile measurement partner and is an independent third-party platform that tracks, organizes, and visualizes mobile app data to give marketers a unified view of campaign performance across channels and partners.

What is attribution monitoring? ›

Attribution tracking is really just about mapping your customer's journey. You track their progress through the funnel by attributing weight (or giving a value) to touchpoints.

What is multi attribution model? ›

What is Multi-Touch Attribution? Multi-touch attribution is a marketing effectiveness measurement technique that takes all of the touchpoints on the consumer journey into consideration and assigns fractional credit to each so that a marketer can see how much influence each channel has on a sale.

What are mobile measurements? ›

A mobile measurement partner is a platform provider that attributes, collects, and organizes app data to deliver a uniform assessment of campaign performance metrics. Drawing an analogy from sports, an MMP acts as a trusted and impartial referee to rule on attribution.

What are the four main attribution models? ›

There are four main types of attribution models: single-touch, multi-touch, rule-based, and machine.

What is the most accurate attribution model? ›

The algorithmic attribution model is the most accurate way to measure a user's journey from prospect to conversion. The success rate in this model is higher than others because it's uniquely created for each business.

What is the best attribution model to use? ›

Best Marketing Attribution Models
  • First-Touch Marketing Attribution Model.
  • Last-Touch Marketing Attribution Model.
  • Linear Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Model.
  • U-Shaped Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Model.
  • Time Decay Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Model.
  • W-Shaped Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution Model.
Jan 2, 2023

What are the 4 biases of attribution? ›

The four main types of attribution bias are fundamental attribution error, self-serving bias, hostile attribution bias, and actor-observer bias.

What are the three P's of attributional style? ›

When someone forms an explanation it involves three dimensions that influence how we explain an outcome, namely internality versus externality, stability versus instability, and globality versus specificity (Peterson, 1991), easily remembered as the three Ps: personalization, permanence, and pervasiveness, respectively ...

What are the two steps of attribution? ›

The first step, of the Two Step Attribution Process, is to assume the persons behavior is due to their personality. This step is quick and automatic. The second step is to think about the situation the person is in. This step is not quick and takes effort think about and apply it to the persons action.

How do you measure attribution? ›

The last and often most accurate way to measure marketing attribution is creating a custom model. Custom attribution allows you to attribute different amounts of credit to touchpoints based on which analytics are most important to you.

How do you create an attribution model? ›

Set up a new custom attribution model
  1. In Reporting, click the Attribution tab.
  2. Click Attribution Modeling Tool in the left-hand navigation.
  3. Choose a Floodlight configuration.
  4. Click the first available attribution model, scroll to the bottom of the list of models, and click Create new custom model.

What are different attribution models? ›

About the different attribution models

Linear: Distributes the credit for the conversion equally across all ad interactions on the path. Time decay: Gives more credit to ad interactions that happened closer in time to the conversion. Credit is distributed using a 7-day half-life.

What are 5 characteristics that make a good app? ›

Five common features of a great app include:
  • Well-designed user interface (UI)
  • Fast loading time.
  • Strong data protection.
  • Excellent user support.
  • Built-in integrations.

What are five of the most important attributes of software quality? ›

Based on these models (see Models), the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ) has defined five major desirable structural characteristics needed for a piece of software to provide business value: Reliability, Efficiency, Security, Maintainability and (adequate) Size.

How do you write an attribution statement? ›

The statement is clear, simple, and contains all elements required for a complete attribution: title of the work used, author(s), and license type. A link is provided to the original work, the home page of the website (this is optional), and the license type.

What does attribution include? ›

Attribution refers to an individual's assumptions regarding what caused an event or behavior. Attributions are an individual's attempt to make sense of their own behaviors, as well as those of others. There are three characteristics of attribution, which include locus of control, stability, and controllability.

What factors influence attribution? ›

What are Attribution Factors?
  • Consistency information. The degree to which the actor performs that same behavior toward an object on different occasions.
  • Distinctiveness information. The degree to which the actor performs different behaviors with different objects.
  • Consensus information.
May 14, 2022

What is a MMP platform? ›

What is an MMP? A mobile measurement partner is a platform provider that attributes, collects, and organizes app data to deliver a uniform assessment of campaign performance metrics. Drawing an analogy from sports, an MMP acts as a trusted and impartial referee to rule on attribution.

How does mobile user acquisition work? ›

User acquisition refers to the process of acquiring new users to a mobile app through various marketing activities. App businesses will typically generate new installs through a combination of paid advertising, organic traffic, and app store optimization (ASO).

Is Google Analytics an MMP? ›

While Google Analytics gathers a lot of helpful information, it departs from the values and capabilities of an independent MMP in four key ways: Google Analytics lacks granular, row-level data that marketers need to fully optimize their omni-channel marketing efforts.

Is firebase a MMP? ›

While Firebase is not a full-featured MMP, it can still be a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing the effectiveness of mobile marketing campaigns, particularly for businesses that are building and managing their own mobile app.

What is MMP activation? ›

Abstract. The activation of pro matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) by sequential proteolysis of the propeptide blocking the active site cleft is regarded as one of the key levels of regulation of these proteinases.

What makes MMP? ›

MMPs are produced by various tissues and cells [1]. MMPs are secreted by connective tissue, pro-inflammatory and uteroplacental cells, such as fibroblast, endothelial cells, osteoblasts, vascular smooth muscle, macrophages, lymphocytes, cytotrophoblasts, and neutrophils [1].

What AppsFlyer does? ›

What is AppsFlyer? AppsFlyer helps brands make good choices for their business and their customers through innovative, privacy-preserving measurement, analytics, fraud protection, and engagement technologies.


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