How to Disconnect Delta Faucet Sprayer Hose in 6 Steps | (2023)

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The retractable spray hoses on Delta faucets are one of the best reasons to buy the brand. But what happens when you need to clean it or replace it?

If you likeseparateTo diesprinkler onand from your Delta faucet, you must turn off the water supply to the kitchen. From there, you can easily detach the sprayer from the faucet using the built-in clip, disconnect and remove the sprayer.

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Understanding how a spray hose works

A Delta Faucet spray hose connects to the water line using the same faucet water fitting. Understanding this connection and how the mechanics work will help you better understand how to take it apart.

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The water supply lines that feed the faucet and sprinkler are connected to the faucet. So how do you use a sprinkler?

The faucet is connected to the sprinkler with a pipe or hose. In most cases this is flexible and can even be extended and retracted. But when the sprinkler is on, water that would normally flow through the faucet passes through the sprinkler. In fact, unless the water pressure is very high and you have a special sprinkler, you cannot use both at the same time.

Why? The faucet contains a device known as a diverter that is activated by squeezing the spray handle. This gate valve (usually made of plastic) works like a railway switch, effectively changing the direction of water flow from the tap to the spray hose.

Also, of course, you can have a lot of problems with this connection. If the hose connection to the faucet is loose, you have a leak. If the diverter is damaged, both the faucet and sprayer will suffer. And if one connection is clogged, it can cause problems for both.

3 types of kitchen sink sprayer connectors

Almost all of Delta's spray hoses are clip-on, which means you usually only have one type to consider. However, if you have a different faucet or older Delta faucet, it may have a different connector.

Quick connect or plug-in

Quick connect adapters simply slide into place with a metal clip. With these clips, you can simply slide a hose into place and keep it secure. To remove the hoseby Delta TapsPush the connectors, you need to push the clip. This provides an easy and relatively robust way to hook up kitchen sink sprayers without any technical knowledge. However, the connection is not as strong as a screw connection. This means it can be more prone to leaks or damage. This could also be why you want to dismantle it now.


Threaded fittings feature a two-piece connection. With a built-in thread adapter faucet, it is also very safe. This is where you thread one end of the adapter onto the threaded pipe of the faucet. The other end is threaded onto the sprayer hose. Still using P.T.F.E. Tape to ensure the connection is airtight, this is a very secure accessory and is unlikely to cause any problems. However, it could be too loose, the belt could be clogged, or it could have been installed incorrectly. In this case it may leak.

Threaded adapters are also often made of metal, although push-in connectors can be made of plastic or metal.

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Plug adapter

While Delta doesn't normally sell faucet adapters for spray hoses, you can still own one. These adapters thread over standard fittings. So you can connect a diverter or shower hose directly to the faucet. This is true even if you don't have an internal connection. However, these are likely to have problems. For example, all tap water flows through one port. This increases the likelihood of limescale and silt build-up. Also, adapters are more likely to be installed incorrectly or leak. This means that you may want to remove your adapter to replace or improve your installation.

How to Remove the Delta Faucet Spray Hose

If you have a Delta faucet, removing the hose from the built-in shower head is relatively easy. In fact, you can remove it in just a few minutes with very few tools.

Will need:

  • A bucket that fits under the kitchen sink (a large pot will do)
  • an adjustable wrench

Shut off the kitchen water supply.

It is always important to turn off the water before working on plumbing. Here you can turn off the water line for the full house. You may also have a local water supply for your kitchen sink. In this case, you usually have a lever to turn off the water supply directly to the sink. This is preferable if you have the shut-off valve. Why? If you turn off the entire water line in the house, you may also need to turn off the furnace or water heater. You also can't use the restroom until you're done, so be sure to fill a bucket or two with water if you think it might take a while.

drain the water

It is important to drain as much water as possible from the lines. After turning off the water supply to the sink, leave the faucet and sprayer running. Leave them open and let it drain. If you also closed off the entire house, be sure to turn off the faucets on all floors above the sink. Don't worry about flushing the toilet. However, it may be necessary to turn off the boiler and pour hot water down the pipes.

Disconnect the hose from the sprayer

All Delta faucets use a push connection. This is usually located under the counter and connects the sprayer hose to the nozzle.

Open the cabinet doors and look for the tube. You might want a flashlight or reflector if your closets are particularly dark. However, this is unlikely to be necessary. Locate the outlet tube that the spray wand is connected to. It's always a good idea to double check that this is the spray hose. For example, if you pull, does the sprinkler hose go up?

Drain under the cupboard and place a bucket or pan under the spout. Next, locate the clamp that secures the spray hose to the tube. solve If there is a small screw in the O-ring around the connector, loosen it slightly. Be sure to put the clip in a safe place unless you don't plan on using the spray hose again.

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Push down and pull the connector to remove it. You can also have a weighted "removable" connection. You must pull to remove it and then remove the weight.

Identify which Delta sprayer you have and remove the head

Delta sells three types of sprinklers. The next step depends on the type you have.

  1. Single lever mixer with extractable spray
  2. Single-lever mixer with separate shower head rolled up on the side
  3. Two-handle faucet with separate jet with its own groove in the washbasin

pull-out faucet

The Delta pull-out faucet is the most popular model and the one you are most likely to own. To remove, gently pull the spray head away from the faucet and secure. You can do this by making a loop in the hose or having someone hold it. Alternatively, it works in a very short time to connect it to the faucet.

Check for a stud connection or a nut at the base of the spray head. Then use the release button to release the head or use the adjustable wrench. If you've used the faucet for a long time, limescale deposits can cause the two to stick together. Be sure to tighten the wrench enough to avoid loosening the screw if it's stuck. If it doesn't budge, soak your head in a descaling solution such as vinegar and water, a professional grade solution, or baking soda and water for about 30 minutes before trying.

other faucets

The other two types of Delta faucets use a sliding nut to keep the spray in place. To remove it, just pull the spray hose far enough to see the nut. Slide it counterclockwise. If it is stuck, first use the descaling solution to remove the residue.

remove the hose

You should now be able to easily pull the spray hose out of the sink. It can stay to the side or roll up. Be sure to smooth out any creases. Also, if you have an extra hose coiled up under the counter, you have to pull it out from underneath.

That's it, you have successfully removed your hose. Now you can replace, clean or repair it if needed.

Replace hose or connect fitting

Unfortunately, if you have a Delta faucet with a built-in sprayer, you'll need to reattach a hose. If you prefer not to, you can use a plug to fill the port hole. Delta usually supplies new hoses in the box. Alternatively, you can contact Delta Customer Service to request one.

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If not, you'll need to connect the hoses so water doesn't escape when you turn the kitchen supply back on. This is usually where you start by connecting the hose to the spray head, feeding the hose back through the existing holes, then repositioning it under the counter. Do you want P.T.F.E. Duct tape on some connections. Also, if you have a weighted connection or clip, be sure to replace it when you put the faucet back in place.

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When your kitchen sprinkler malfunctions, it can cause a massive water leak. The following FAQs may help you troubleshoot or resolve these issues.

What is a quick connect faucet?

a quick connectionsprinkler onand your faucet connects quickly and with minimal effort. For example, most older hoses use threaded fittings. These take time and tools to tighten. It may be necessary to use an adjustable wrench or more to connect the hoses correctly. A quick connect spray hose usually snaps into place. A weight or clip, or both, can be used to ensure the connection remains secure. However, you can usually install it in minutes without messing with tools or tape. In most cases, you will also need to lightly tighten a small screw in the O-ring connector. Otherwise there is little work.

How do you know if your faucet is quick connect or not?

If you have a Delta Quick Connect faucet, it's relatively easy to identify. Here is a pin or o-ring with a small screw that connects the sprayer hose to the faucet. If you don't have a Quick Connect spray hose, you have a threaded connector. This one is larger, usually brass, and must be unscrewed to remove. It's basically very simple. However, if you're still not sure, you can always look up your key model to check.

Why is the kitchen sink hose dripping?

Spray hoses can leak for a variety of reasons. The most common are loose connections and kinks or breaks in the hose itself. For example, if mineral deposits seep into threaded connections, the connections may start to leak. If the connection is loose or slightly twisted, there will be a leak. If a plug or socket connector is loose, it will also leak.

Your spray hose will also leak if it is damaged. For example, if it was too bent and the inner seal broke. Or if there is actual rust or physical damage on the outside of the line. These problems are unlikely, but can occur after several years of use.

Lastly, you could have unusual damage like a clogged hose, a damaged diverter, or physical damage to the faucet. And sometimes the wash hoses leak because the water pressure is too high. In this case, just remove the connections, P.T.F.E. tape and reassemble to improve the tightness of the joints.


There are many reasons why you should remove the spray hose from your Delta faucet. Fortunately, doing this is also relatively easy. We hope this guide will help you resolve any issues you are experiencing.

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How do I disconnect my Delta sprayer? ›

Grasp the clip with fingers and pull directly away from the fitting. It will help to grasp the hose with the other hand near the fitting on the opposite side and press the bars of the clip with your thumb toward your direction of pull. There's no need to spread the bars. With the clip removed, pull down on the hose.

How do you remove a quick connect hose Delta faucet? ›

Pinch together at the base of the black plastic halves, next to the hose. The top halves will spread apart. Pull down gently. Release tabs from the brass connector.

Can you disconnect a sprayer from a faucet? ›

When your sprayer begins to leak from the hose, the connection or the sprayer head, you can fix it or remove it. Choosing to remove the sprayer requires capping the connection point on the kitchen faucet. It also requires capping the hole left in the sink or countertop when you remove the sprayer.

How to remove the quick connect sprayer hose on a Moen faucet? ›

Press the white button (A) in to lock the faucet part in. Gently tug on the quick connect to verify it is secure. Removal: Press and hold the black button (B) while pulling the faucet part out of the quick connect.

What are the different types of quick connect fittings? ›

The most commonly used types of QD fittings include snap-type (ball-latching), bayonet, threaded, and non-latching. In addition, many of these styles are available in single- and double-shutoff, non-shutoff and dry break configurations.

How do you remove a single lever from a Delta faucet? ›

On the side of the handle base below the part of the handle you grab will be a hole or a button covering a hole. Remove the button if you have one, with a plastic card or non-metallic tool. Inside the hole is a set screw that can be loosened with a hex key, also known as an Allen wrench.

Can you disconnect sink sprayer hose? ›

Loosen Mounting Nut

Go underneath the sink and follow the sprayer hose back to the faucet assembly. With an adjustable wrench, loosen the mounting nut that connects the sprayer to the faucet and remove the hose.

How do you remove a Moen kitchen faucet sprayer hose? ›

Black Connector with white release tab-Squeeze the white tabs together and push the tabs in. Pull the hose from the quick connect. White Connector with black release tab-Press and hold the black button while pulling the hose out from the quick connect.

How do you remove Quick Connect from kitchen faucet sprayer? ›

Turn on the faucet to release water pressure in the faucet. Push the quick connect up to compress it and keep holding it or the hose while doing this. Put your fingers on the very top of the white quick connect adapter while maintaining the hose upward. Pull the quick connect down and release the hose at the same time.

What is a quick disconnect fitting? ›

Quick disconnect fittings (abbreviated as “QDCs” or “QDs”) are used to provide fast and easy connection and disconnection of fluid lines. These fittings are also known as quick connects or quick release couplings. Typically quick disconnect fittings are operated by hand.

What is a quick disconnect coupler? ›

Quick disconnect fittings are used to provide fast and easy connection and disconnection of fluid or air lines. These fittings are also known as quick connects or quick release couplings. They are used to replace fitting connections that would require tools to assemble and disassemble.

What is a quick disconnect adapter? ›

It enables you to choose the headset style you want, and then choose the device connector type you need, such as a modular connector for desk phones or a USB or dual 2.5mm connector for computers. A QD connection also enables you to place a call on hold by simply disconnecting the headset at the QD during a call.

How do you remove a Delta spout retainer? ›

To remove the RP21463 spout retainer you will want to press down on the retainer and slowly pry apart the bottom of the retainer to release the part from the faucet.

How do you remove a Delta faucet stem? ›

To remove the stem unit assembly, first turn off the water to the faucet. You will need a 3/32 allen wrench to loosen the set screw and remove the lever handles. Next, remove the bonnet nut. The stem unit assembly should pull straight out.

How do you remove a Delta faucet handle with no set screws? ›

Some single-handle Delta® bathroom faucets made after 2021 come with a Push-Fit Handle. This feature eliminates the need for a set screw to secure the handle to the faucet. To remove a Push-Fit Handle, align the handle with the spout and pull the handle straight away from the faucet body.

How do you remove a stuck Delta faucet cap? ›

The solution is 2 stages.
  1. Protect the area around the faucet from any drips and runs. Mix vinegar and water, half and half. ...
  2. If a few liberal applications of vinegar water doesn't loosen the bonnet, applying a small amount of penetrating oil (WD40, Kroil with Silicone, Pipe Break...) may release the threads.
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